Monthly Archives: December 2013

Due Diligence: Why it’s important

Many times I am asked by a client buying a business to review a contract and not make many changes. The client’s reasoning is the business terms are great and he/she wants to close quickly. While I can certainly appreciate the value of getting a good deal, the best way for a buyer to decide… Read more »

Landlord won’t make any changes

Being a real estate attorney for many years and having “geekishly” enjoyed commercial leasing, I have had the pleasure of representing many commercial landlords and tenants. For purposes of this article, I want to focus on something that I often hear from the tenants that I represent. Many times a tenant will approach me and… Read more »

One Size Does Not Fit All

Have you ever heard the expression one size fits all? If so what did you think? Did you think wow that’s amazing or did you wonder how can that be? Speaking for myself, whenever I heard the expression I thought, well that may be so, but it would fit a whole lot better if it… Read more »

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