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Do You Do Favors For Your Tenants?

Do You Do Favors For Your Tenants? by Robyn Latman, Esq.   Recently, I have been getting questions from Landlords who wonder why their tenant seems to take advantage of the Landlord’s kindness in certain situations.  The Landlord granted some form of relaxed rule, and now, the tenant is pushing back at following the rule… Read more »

Separate Receipts, Separate Problems

By, Robyn Latman, Esq. Could providing each co-tenant with a separate receipt for a portion of the rent become a problem for a Landlord? Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a new Landlord. She and her husband had just purchased a two-family home in New Jersey. Both units were occupied at closing. “My tenant asked… Read more »

A Tenant And An Expired Lease. So What?

By, Robyn Latman, Esq.  Do you cringe when you hear that a tenant’s lease has expired, and the Landlord isn’t doing anything about it? What’s the deal with those expired leases anyway? In New Jersey, a tenant can remain as a month to month tenant from the date that her written lease expired until the date… Read more »

Landlord seeking Lawyer

By Robyn Latman, Esq.    Are you a Landlord?  You need a lawyer.  Not just any lawyer.  You need a lawyer who gets you, who gets what you need, and who knows how to get that for you. Let me explain.  Last week, I attended a meeting for Real Estate Investors.  This was my first… Read more »

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