Are the current home interest rates (7% – 8%) the new normal

              There is a lot of information on the internet with regard to future of home mortgage (loan) interest rates.  Some economist say that there will be some rate droppage later this year.  Other say rates will remain flat for 2024.  There are even economist who say that rates will slightly increase this year.  All… Read more »

Why you need to test for an Underground Storage Tank

            Many homes in the past were fueled by an underground storage tank.  Some still are, but a significant number of homes are now either fueled by natural gas or an above ground fuel tank.  Of these homes, many were converted to either gas or an above ground tank, so an issue arises as to… Read more »

Buying a Property from a Bankruptcy Trustee

With consumer bankruptcy filings trending upwards, more properties will become available through trustee sales.  This is good for the consumer looking to purchase homes, as there will be more inventory on the market and the bankruptcy trustee is mandated to sell the property.  However, the process is different from that of a traditional sale, and… Read more »

Snow days can bring about unfortunate events

Almost everyone loves a snow day.  After all both work and school can be closed, resulting in sleeping late, or playing with your children outside.  This can allow for the creation of some great memories.  However, not everything that happens on a snow day is positive and if you are not legally prepared the results… Read more »

It’s a Seller’s Market, So Should You Buy? 

(Hint: the answer is not what you think) Home prices are at an all-time high as are mortgage interest rates. As anyone in the industry can tell you, this is fertile ground for a seller’s market – which is exactly what is going on: these are prime conditions in which to be a seller.  So… Read more »


We frequently assist clients whose parents or relatives recently died and our client was named as the Executor in the decedent’s Will.  The Executor now wants to sell the house and distribute the proceeds as per the Will and they want to know when can they legally sell the property. The first step after someone… Read more »

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