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Documentation Gathering In a Short Sale:

One of the most important as well as cumbersome factors in any short-sale is document gathering. While it is true that a few institutional lienholders have created no document short-sale programs (e.g., consensual short sale), the majority of institutional lienholders require a significant amount of documentation from the borrower (aka seller). This is due in… Read more »

Dealing with inspection issues in today’s market

As a New Jersey real estate attorney, I talk to many realtors as well as some fellow real estate attorneys about the market. There has been a lot of discussion on how the market has changed significantly in the past five (5) years. Our discussion was not focused on the reduction in property values or… Read more »

Religion and Bankruptcy

As a New Jersey bankruptcy attorney, I understand the decision to file bankruptcy can be one of the most emotional decisions a person has to deal with. Clients will often tell me, “I’ve worked so hard, for so long, and up until now I paid all my bills on time; but now because of the… Read more »

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