Cooperatives vs. Condominiums

Many first time home buyers, or even seasoned home buyers for that matter do not realize that there is a difference between purchasing a condominium (“condo”) and purchasing a cooperative (“coop”).  While listing all the differences and nuances could take quite a bit of time as well as a lot more detail, for purposes of… Read more »

Choosing an Executor, Trustee and Guardian

Clients frequently ask me who they should name as Executor, Trustee or Guardian when they create their Last Will and Testament.  First, let me explain the difference between the three roles. The Executor is the person who probates your Will, goes into your house and through all of your personal belongings, safeguards your assets, gathers… Read more »

Condition of the Property on the date of closing

One issue that keeps presenting itself lately is the condition of the property at the closing. In the majority of residential transactions, the subject property is supposed to be left in broom clean condition, subject to reasonable wear and tear at the time of closing. There are times of-course where the property is being left… Read more »

Advocate vs. Adversary

One of the brightest legal minds that I ever had the pleasure of working for gave me some strong advice that I have carried with me throughout my career. He said, “Andrew, you need to advocate your client’s position, but you do not need to be adversarial about it”. I have carried this advice with… Read more »

Thank you for your support

On behalf of our law firm we would like to thank those of you who have made last year one of our most successful years to date. Such thanks is not only warranted to our clients (who biasedly we appreciate the most), but also to those who are on the opposite side of the transaction… Read more »

Separate Receipts, Separate Problems

By, Robyn Latman, Esq. Could providing each co-tenant with a separate receipt for a portion of the rent become a problem for a Landlord? Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a new Landlord. She and her husband had just purchased a two-family home in New Jersey. Both units were occupied at closing. “My tenant asked… Read more »

A Tenant And An Expired Lease. So What?

By, Robyn Latman, Esq.  Do you cringe when you hear that a tenant’s lease has expired, and the Landlord isn’t doing anything about it? What’s the deal with those expired leases anyway? In New Jersey, a tenant can remain as a month to month tenant from the date that her written lease expired until the date… Read more »

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