Too often buyers are under the impression in a residential real estate contract that if they have a loan commitment, they are in pretty good shape to close. While for the most part that is true, there have been several instances of late that have shown just because a buyer has a loan commitment, does… Read more »

What Is Landlord Tenant Court?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you have probably heard of Landlord Tenant Court. You probably even know someone who has been to court on a landlord tenant matter. Since New Jersey has such a large amount of rental units, including residential housing and commercial space, the Landlord Tenant Court is a very… Read more »

Short-Sales and Realtor Purchasers

In the state of New Jersey realtors have the ability to take a commission on a property they are purchasing provided that they disclose in the contract of sale that they are a realtor and the realtor of record for the purchaser (i.e., themselves). Nonetheless, even if all parties understand this to be the case… Read more »

Documentation Gathering In a Short Sale:

One of the most important as well as cumbersome factors in any short-sale is document gathering. While it is true that a few institutional lienholders have created no document short-sale programs (e.g., consensual short sale), the majority of institutional lienholders require a significant amount of documentation from the borrower (aka seller). This is due in… Read more »

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