Landlord seeking Lawyer

By Robyn Latman, Esq. 


Are you a Landlord?  You need a lawyer.  Not just any lawyer.  You need a lawyer who gets you, who gets what you need, and who knows how to get that for you.

Let me explain.  Last week, I attended a meeting for Real Estate Investors.  This was my first time meeting this group of about 100 people who were either in the business or thinking about getting into the business.  In the room, there were wholesalers, cash buyers, hard money lenders, a few who weren’t sure why they were there, a couple who owns a property management company, one paralegal and me.  I was the only attorney in the room.  The real estate investor who runs the group, upon finding out what I do, asked me to introduce myself to the room.  It went something like this:  “Hi, I’m Robyn.  I’m an attorney.  I represent Landlords.  If you have tenants who are behaving badly, I will evict them or teach them how to behave.”  The room erupted in laughter and cheers.  In those few sentences, they knew that I understand what they need.

Later on, while the speaker was discussing the importance of finding partners to make your business smarter, stronger and easier, he drew attention to me.  He told the room that if he was choosing a partner for his business, he chooses me.  He went on to explain that when I said that I represent Landlords and that I will teach your tenants how to behave, he knew that I got it.  He needed to know nothing more about me.  I don’t represent everyone.  I won’t represent just anyone.  I will represent you, the Landlord.

You’re not in the business of evicting tenants.  You are in the business of renting space.  Sometimes, those two things are at odds, and that is where a Landlords’ attorney comes in.  To get what you need from your tenant, you may have to bring the tenant to court.  Whether it is as simple as collecting the rent or as complicated as correcting a major lease violation, there are many times when the only way to resolve the matter is by filing a case for eviction.  That does not mean that your tenant must end up on the street or that you should start searching for a replacement for the rental space.  It means that the time for doing business has arrived.  Your patience has run thin.  You expect certain behaviors, and you are ready to enforce the Lease Agreement.

Whether you are a full time Landlord or you own just a few units, the process is the same.  You deserve a partner who can guide you through the landlord tenant court.  Choose your lawyer wisely, but don’t delay.  The longer you allow the situation with your tenant to wait, the worse the problem may become for you.  You will find that the job becomes easier with an experienced guide by your side.

At Giannantonio & Roth, our lawyers don’t handle every type of law, but we do know real estate.  We are happy to talk with you about your particular situation.  If we are unable to represent you to the degree that you need, we will be happy to refer you to someone who we think will be able to.

Information gathered from this blog post is intended to be educational in nature only and does not replace the advice of an attorney about your specific matter.  If you are a landlord of either residential or commercial space, and you are wondering whether you can enforce your lease agreement, collect unpaid rents or remove a tenant who is breaching its lease agreement or the law in some way, please contact this office for additional information.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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